My Personal Discoveries about Health and Food

eat this and liveSeveral years ago I had headache almost every day beside fatigue and weakness.  I never knew what was the reason for such condition.  Having five children and being tired most of the time was not good way to live my life.  I started looking for the ways how to improve my health.  Fortunately I happened to watch the show where Dr. Colbert was speaking about natural ways of health improvement.  I started reading some of his books like Seven Pillars of Health,  I Can Do This Diet,  Eat This And Live, and several others.  That was real eye opening for me!

I learned about such harmful chemical food additives as MSG (monosodium glutamate), high fructose corn syrup  hydrogenated oils, nitrites and nitrates, artificial flavors, and what health problems they may cause.

After reading Dr. Colbert’s books I have cleaned out my kitchen from such dangerous foods and seasonings (I used Vegeta seasoning for most of  my meals for many years, and it contains MSG).

After one month later I noticed that something is unusual with me.  Suddenly I realized that my head did not hurt anymore; I didn’t take Advil pills for a while.  Then I understood that came from no more use of MSG!  This happened  more than two years ago and I rarely have headaches, maybe once in a couple months the most.

At the same time I had another great discovery:  two my youngest, elementary school children completely refused eating school lunches.  At the same time my teenage daughter, middle school student at that time, was always eating school lunches.  She was sick very often and for long periods of time.  But her younger siblings have never been sick seriously!

I figured it out for myself: my youngest kids always ate home made food at home and in school.  I always tried to give them good healthy food,  like whole grain bread in sandwiches, nitrite-free kosher hot dogs on whole wheat buns, – just few examples. Talking about sandwiches that my kids took them for school lunch, they contained healthy grains and fibers, minimally processed meats free of harmful additives, fresh vegetables, even best quality mayonnaise; or raw natural honey with natural peanut butter (without hydrogenated oils) on their peanut-butter-honey sandwiches; or home made jelly with most vitamins preserved, instead of honey.

My youngest kids ate mostly healthy food so they stayed healthy; their immune system was strong during every flu season.  And they are continuing be healthy.

After this discovery I convinced my older daughter, who is now a high school student, to modify her food choices.  After she took immune system improving vitamins (natural, of course) and switching to home made lunches for a school, her health improved significantly.