Several years ago during winter time, I’ve met several new American friends. They were hosting the orphans from Ukraine during a winter break.  Those ladies invited me to teach them some Ukrainian traditional recipes. I went to their house and did my best to make several delicious meals so they would share them with their hosted kids.

At that time I did not have any written recipes of Ukrainian famous meals.  They had to videotape and make notes while watching my cooking.

Later, when two of my daughters got married, I decided that it would be a good idea to post my recipes on this website so they would access them anytime from anywhere. 

Cooking in Ukraine

UkraineBorn and grown up in Ukraine, I’ve learned lots of best recipes from my grandmother, mother and other women.

Interestingly, most of those recipes have never been written in cookbooks for many years. Meals were prepared from memory.  Women learned recipes from word of mouth.  Yet, those meals were so delicious, and became famous in Ukraine and other countries.


With growing own natural and organic gardens, preparing meals with home-grown vegetables and greens, it was much easier to prepare healthy food, without even worrying to get overweight or get other health problems from use of chemical additions that we can find plenty these days.

Home cooking is a huge part of Ukrainian culture and life style. And because of that, most women there are very good cooks.  Now, living in the United States, I continue cooking at home and teaching my children many delicious recipes.